Why You Should Switch to Glass in Your Kitchen

Why You Should Switch to Glass in Your Kitchen
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The plastic or metal versus glass decision is one you should consider when you buy, store and cook food.

When you’re making careful choices about the healthiest foods to buy in the supermarket or health food store, you may be correctly choosing things like coconut oil, organic tomatoes and apple cider vinegar. Generally, these are excellent choices, but if they come in plastic or metal, you could be making a surprisingly unhealthy choice.

Foods, especially those that have fat (such as oils) or high acid (such as tomatoes or apple cider vinegar) need to be packaged correctly. Otherwise toxins from the packaging can leach into the foods. Why is that a problem? Both human and plants store toxins in fat cells. Fats like oil and foods like tomatoes that are acidic will leach toxins from plastic or metal packaging.

If you’re investing in your health and doing so many things right, it’s worthwhile to pay a little more to get the healthiest food products, especially those with fat or acid, that come packaged in glass. It’s true that, because glass costs the manufacturer more, you’ll probably pay a bit more for these items, but think of it as an investment in your health.

When you buy whole foods like rice and beans in bulk, store them in your kitchen in matching glass jars with lids. Since glass is non-porous, it won’t absorb anything from the foods cooked or stored in it. And you can wash glass at the hottest temperature that your dishwasher allows.

When you microwave food in plastic, you’re unknowingly transferring toxins from the plastic container into the food you’re eating. And glass also doesn’t stain the way plastic does, so once you switch, there will be no more red film from tomato-based foods on your storage containers.

Glass is good for the environment as well. It can be recycled and doesn’t have to end up in a landfill. Once you buy a set of quality glass storage containers, they can be reused for decades. And if you break one, just set it aside for recycling. When old glass is made into new glass, the quality of the new glass is just as good and there are no toxins produced in the manufacturing process.

Switching to glass is a simple change in mindset. It’s going to keep toxins out of your body. And you won’t end up with a pile of mismatched plastic containers in your drawers.

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Author: Rebeca Espinoza

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