Which Body Type Are You?

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Although we might assume that there is a broad range of body types, in fact, scientists have categorized us into three main body types. Some people are pure types and others are a combination of types. In general, the body types are believed to link to metabolism and consequent ability to gain weight.

On one end of the scale are the ectomorphs. That’s a scientific word meaning thin. Ectomorphs tend to have fast metabolisms, meaning they burn calories quickly and easily. As a result, it’s harder for them to gain weight. They have small bone structures, and they often have narrow shoulders and chests. Ectomorphic women often have small breasts.Ectomorphs can eat a higher number of calories and a higher percentage of carbohydrates than others without gaining weight. In a nutshell, your friend who stays effortlessly thin is likely helped by having an ectomorphic body type.

The second major body type group are the mesomorphs. These are the muscular types. They tend to be strong, with well-defined muscles. Mesomorphs make natural body builders! They have broader shoulders and heavier bones than ectomorphs. They also can gain weight more easily than ectomorphs. Too many carbs and calories will make the mesomorph gain weight. At the same time, mesomorphs can gain muscle and lose fat relatively easily.

The third body type is the endomorph. Not slender and wirey like the ectomorph, not naturally muscular like the mesomorph, the endomorph has a naturally slower metabolism. Their bodies tend to be softer, rounder and stockier. It’s possible for a person with an endomorphic body to be muscular, but the body naturally tends to store fat. One dietary strategy is to limit carbohydrates in the diet to a maximum of 20% of calorie intake.

Ectomorphs are not likely to need the help of a gastric balloon, but if you’re one of the other body types, struggling with extra weight, a Spatz adjustable gastric balloon can help you launch your weight loss journey.

Author: Rebeca Espinoza

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