Why You Have No Energy And What You Can Do About It

Why You Have No Energy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Stress, packed schedules, not enough high quality sleep, lack of movement and too many nutrient poor foods in your diet can all contribute to feeling sleepy in the middle of the work day. There are some highly effective nutritional strategies you can try to boost your energy which may also help you lose weight. 1. […]

Is Junk Food Addictive ?

Junk Food Addictive

Reading Time: 2 minutes Not only is junk food actually addictive, it’s designed to be that way on purpose. So if you find it hard to stop eating sweets, salty snacks and heavily processed foods, it’s because food scientists, who know how the human body and brain reacts to certain stimuli in foods, specifically designed these foods to get […]

The Surprising Role of Stress in Digestion

Stress in Digestion

Reading Time: 2 minutes Our bodies are wired to cope with stress by shutting down all non-essential bodily functions so your body and brain can focus on survival. This state is referred to as the stress response. It’s when your sympathetic nervous system takes over. That’s very helpful when you’re facing acute, life-threatening stress, such as being in a […]

The Surprising Role of Relaxation in Digestion

The Role Of Relaxation In Digestion

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Surprising Role Of Relaxation In Digestion How relaxed are you when eating? Relaxation in digestion is one of the most important ways to ensure that you are absorbing the proper nutrients, and this approach is also a great way to avoid gaining excess weight. Let’s take a look at this concept in more detail […]