Why Choosing a Smaller Plate of Food Can Help You Lose Weight

Smaller Plate Help You Lose Weight

Reading Time: 3 minutes How large is too large when considering a typical plate of food? Thanks to modern conveniences and a plethora of choices, we often stack our plates high in order to satiate a healthy appetite. However, this is hardly a healthy habit. Are you concerned about your current diet? Although there are many ways to lose […]

The Top Five Easy-to-Digest Foods to Include Within Your Diet

Top Easy To Digest Foods

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you been looking to discover a handful of easy to digest foods that are still tasty and healthy? This is often easier said than done, as the best foods for digestion might not be apparent at first glance. Whether your goal is to lose weight, to enjoy higher levels of energy or to adjust […]

Foods That are Hard to Digest

Foods That Are Hard To Digest

Reading Time: 4 minutes Foods that are hard to digest can cause us a great deal of discomfort. Difficulty with digestion can be even worse if you suffer from a pre-existing condition or if you’re getting used to your Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon. Our professional team has therefore taken the time to address a handful of important topics. What […]

The Surprising Role of Stress in Digestion

The Surprising Role of Stress in Digestion

Reading Time: 2 minutes Our bodies are wired to cope with stress by shutting down all non-essential bodily functions so your body and brain can focus on survival. This state is referred to as the stress response. It’s when your sympathetic nervous system takes over. That’s very helpful when you’re facing acute, life-threatening stress, such as being in a […]