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A few years ago, I bought a dehydrator to make chips from root vegetables like beets. I made a mess and the experiment was a flop. But then a friend told me that a dehydrator could be used to make banana chips.

Store bought banana chips, even ones sold in many health food stores, are generally fried. The ones I make now have nothing in them except banana. Yes, they’re a little labor-intensive, but the end result is so worth it! Sweet, chewy and 100% fruit.

When I originally researched dehydrated bananas, I saw advice about coating them in lemon juice first to keep them from turning brown. But that turned out to be an unnecessary step. I do find that banana slices can be sticky, so it helps to coat the plastic dehydrator trays with non-stick spray when placing the banana slices on. Bananas won’t stick to dehydrator trays with flexible mesh screens.

My dehydrator has five trays and each tray takes about 3 sliced bananas, so I buy 15-20 bananas at a time. When they’re ripe, I slice each banana in approximately 15 pieces and place in a single layer on the dehydrator tray.

I like my dehydrated banana chips a little chewy, so I keep them in for between 10 and 12 hours. I tend to put up the batch in the evening, set a timer on my phone, and by morning, they’re done. As an added benefit, the room smells divine while the bananas are dehydrating.

I set the dehydrator at 125-135 degrees Celsius. Resist the temptation to turn up the temperature to dehydrate the chips faster. The outside will become hard and the inside won’t dehydrate.

Dehydrators come in lots of different sizes. Mine is a round with a hole in the middle which does cut down a bit on the amount each tray will hold. There are dehydrator brands with larger, square trays that will hold more fruit per tray.

Bananas are among the most commonly eaten fruit in the world. They are loaded with potassium and offer fiber, vitamin C and B6 among other nutrients. Just a note that, if you’re taking beta-blockers for heart disease, consume bananas in moderation to avoid potassium levels spiking.

And as an added benefit, some say that banana skins can be used for polishing leather shoes among other things.

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