Reaching My Weight Loss Goals With My Gastric Balloon

Reaching My Weight Loss Goals With My Gastric Balloon
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Reaching your goals, whatever they may be, can be a truly daunting task. Oftentimes, we give up on our goals because they just seem too difficult to accomplish. When it comes to weight loss, meeting your goals is incredibly challenging because you might not often see results right away. In fact, recent studies have shown that over 70% of people give up on their weight loss goal. 

Here at Spatz, we want to help you meet your goals, whether they be losing weight or feeling more confident in your own body. We will discuss a number of different strategies that can be used to help you achieve your goals, and help you make sure you have the capability to accomplish your goals.

Strategies For Reaching Goals:

Wouldn’t it be nice if wanting something super badly was enough to make it happen? Sadly, wanting something isn’t enough to get the job done; you must employ the right strategies in order to truly accomplish your goals. When it comes to weight loss goals, it can be all the more difficult to remain committed when the struggle is so real. Let’s dive right into a few strategies that can help you along your journey:

Create a Plan of Action

Action Plan for Weight Loss

Planning is one of the more important aspects of reaching your goals. Most of the time, we can envision the end result of reaching our goals, but we rarely have a concrete plan that will help us reach the desired results. 

In order to be well-positioned to meet your weight loss goals, you should create a detailed action plan that will keep you committed on a daily basis. Your plan can be introducing a new diet, exercise, or even working on developing better habits, but without a comprehensive action plan, you won’t be as prepared to reach your goals.

Rid Yourself of Bad Habits

While this strategy may seem self-explanatory, it’s often overlooked and can be one’s downfall. The process of eliminating habits can be a slow one, but without doing so you may be hindering all the progress you’re making. 

For your weight loss goals, focus on cutting out poor eating habits, poor exercise habits, and even poor sleeping habits, which can all contribute to your journey with losing weight.

Avoid Procrastination

Why would you do something today when it can be done tomorrow? Simple answer – if you wait until tomorrow it won’t get done! 

Ridding yourself of procrastination is a massively important facet of accomplishing your goals. Try introducing the 15-minute rule into your daily routine. If there is something that you’ve been pushing off, set a timer for 15 minutes and start doing whatever you’re pushing off. After 15 minutes we bet you’ll still be doing whatever you pushed off!

Manage Your Time

Lose Weight with Time

Time management is one of the most important strategies for accomplishing any goal in life. By using your time more wisely, you can avoid any wasted time and focus on what truly counts. 

When it comes to losing weight, managing your time can be super important because you can avoid boring activities which normally come with negative consequences.

Welcome Failure

While many people can be afraid of failure, it’s actually one of the surest strategies to find success. If you don’t give up after you fail, rather you analyze what may have put you in the position to fail, you’ll be on your way to meeting your goals. 

When failure comes knocking at your door, learn to accept it. Learn from it. Turn your failure into a learning experience. As the great Michael Jordan once said, “Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.”

The Spatz3 Adjustable Weight Loss Balloon

Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon

When it comes to meeting your weight loss goals, the Spatz3 is your answer. Boasting both the highest overall success rates and the highest weight loss results, there’s no better way to lose weight. 

As the only adjustable gastric balloon on the market, we are the only balloon that can ensure the most comfortable process and the longest implantation time. With the ability to lower the volume of your balloon, we can alleviate balloon intolerance instead of having to remove your balloon entirely like our competitors. 

By raising the volume of your balloon, we can avoid the weight loss plateau which occurs with our competitors during the 4th month, resulting in a longer implantation time and increased weight loss. 

As the market-leading weight loss program, it’s obvious why over 70,000 patients around the globe entrusted Spatz3 with meeting their weight loss goals. If you envision yourself differently and need help to get there, take the first step and learn more about the Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon. 

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