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Change attitude towards food with the Spatz3 balloon.

Balão Intragástrico Dinâmico

Aumento do volume

Redução do volume

Tratamentos prolongados

Perda de peso

When  others  remove their  balloons due to  intolerance or loss  of balloon effect, we volume-adjust and extend the treatment process to reach the best weight loss results.

  • The Spatz3 enables a down-adjust feature, helping patients deal with intolerance, and significantly reducing early extractions.
  • The Spatz3 offers an up-adjust feature, helping patients add extra weight loss. This feature extends the treatment more effectively

“Foi ótimo que meu balão permaneceu por 12 meses, o que me deu mais tempo para perder peso e mais tempo com a minha nutricionista.”


Our main goal at Spatz to help our patients achieve a healthier lifestyle. Accordingly, The Spatz3 is designer to give our patients to sufficient to not only reduce weight, but to provide them with tools that will put the conditions in place for an attitude change towards food.

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