Getting Your Family Involved With Your Weight Loss Balloon

Getting Your Family Involved With Your Weight Loss Balloon
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Trying to lose weight can be a difficult challenge in its own right, any method you chose – even if it’s the Spatz3, the only adjustable gastric balloon on the market delivering the highest weight loss success rates – doing it without the support of your family and friends can only make things more difficult.

Studies show that your overall weight loss success can be increased with the support of your family and friends! Support can come in many ways, like having a shoulder to lean on when things get tough, or someone to watch the kids while you exercise. Either way, it’s super important to receive the support of loved ones during your battle with being overweight!

Communicating Your Weight Loss Goals

Family Sitting Together Discussing Weight Loss

The first challenge with gaining family support is communication. Here at Spatz, we understand the difficulties of being overweight. It can be extremely difficult to accept the fact that it’s time to start losing weight, and communicating that vulnerability to family can be a challenge. By sitting down with your family and discussing the steps you plan on taking in your life and the possible ways they can help, you will already start feeling the love and support you need! Try asking your family to keep ‘trigger’ foods either away from you or out of the house, or maybe ask to change pizza night into salad night; either way, by discussing your journey with your family you’ll have already taken the first step!

Strengthening Relationships During Your Weight Loss Journey

Family Happy About Their Weight Loss Journey

A possible second challenge can be dealing with the anxiety amongst yourself or your family members that due to your weight loss your relationships may change. Remind your family that throughout your journey you will remain you; they can be fearful that once you’ve conquered being overweight things will change, make sure to reassure your loved ones that you’re interested in losing weight, not changing who you are as an individual.

Find a Workout Partner

Another way to find support amongst your family and friends is to enlist a family member or friend as a partner in your weight loss journey. Studies actually show that you will be more likely to lose weight if you do so together! By gaining a partner in your battle, you will be more likely to keep off the weight you’ve lost and even have a built in workout buddy.

Don’t be Forceful

Family Losing Weight Together

Lastly, it’s important to remember to not force your family or friends to get healthy with you. This is your journey. You will undoubtedly want to share your success with every pound you drop, but remember to be a good role model throughout your journey. By excessively gloating over your health and success, you can possibly jeopardize the support you’ve gained along the way. Always keep things positive and try not to force your decisions onto anyone else. By being the excellent role model, we know you can be, your friends and families will follow in your footsteps in no-time!

Support Your Spatz3 Weight Loss Balloon

At Spatz Medical, we applaud you if you’ve already begun your weight loss journey. If not, we encourage you to keep reading our newsletters to gain insights into possible easy changes you can make in your life to begin your transformation. We truly believe that by gaining your family and friend’s support throughout this process you will experience results you never thought to be possible. By maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle with the support of your loved ones, you can really jumpstart your weight loss journey!

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