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The Principle of Adding Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

Healthy Habits
You’ve probably heard it so many times you can recite it in your sleep. The only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. Calories in. Calories out. You know all about your bad habits – your reliance on processed foods and diet soda, your tendency to skip the gym, your deep,[...]
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Joyful Movement Instead of Exercise

Joyful Movement
Increasing the amount of physical activity you engage in can have a positive influence on your health, your mental well-being and your weight. But does physical activity have to mean hitting the gym or the high school track? No, it does not! Simply moving more as part of your everyday life can bestow multiple health[...]
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Rethinking Emotional Eating

emotional Eating
Many people who struggle with excess weight call themselves emotional eaters. And they never mean that as a compliment to themselves. What is an emotional eater? Is a guest at a wedding eating  a piece of cake an emotional eater? After all, she is eating and feeling an emotion at the same time. What about[...]
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Gastric Balloon Australia Clinic

Gastric Balloon Clinic
“The Spatz 3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon is now our most successful weight loss device to date.” The Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon is used in more than 30 countries worldwide, including Australia, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Spain. In each country, Spatz Medical pairs with local doctors and clinics in order to ensure that patients[...]
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Knowing When To Stop Eating

Stop Eating
Nature provides human beings with an exquisite ability to know when to eat. We call that ability hunger. And for most of human history, there was an easy way to know when to stop eating. When food was scarce and took a huge amount of effort to gather, people knew it was time to stop[...]
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6 Tips to Shop for Weight Loss

Weight Loss
You can start improving your relationship with food in the aisles of your local grocery store.  Here are some tips for how to shop with your improved health in mind. Stick with real, whole foods. Think carrots, avocados and chicken breasts. The healthiest foods have no ingredient labels. The less processed a food is, meaning[...]
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If You Hate To Exercise

There are some people who just love to exercise. Gym rats. Marathon runners. Team sports players. Yoga enthusiasts. People like that. And then there’s the rest of us. We constantly hear how important exercise is. We might even exercise on a regular basis. But we can’t say we’re thrilled to be touching our toes for[...]
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Is Food Your Enemy?

Are you one of the many people who has a deeply-held belief that food is your enemy? Do you see dieting and weight loss as a war? Do you believe you must be eternally vigilant to conquer the enemy and win the war? Do you argue that it’s not called the “Battle of the Bulge”[...]
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Is There One Ideal Diet for Everyone?

It’s incredibly common for nutrition experts to write books about a specific diet formula. In Grain Brain, Dr, David Perlmutter argues that eating wheat, carbohydrates and sugar are gradually killing your brain. The harm of animal-based foods and the argument for a 100% plant-based diet in made by Gene Stone, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and[...]
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Mindfulness Meditation and Weight Loss

Mindfulness Meditation
Many people who struggle with weight loss report that a certain percentage of their eating, especially late-night eating, is pretty much mindless. Mindfulness meditation is a great antidote to eating mindlessly. What is mindfulness meditation? It’s basically a very simple way to quiet your mind and bring you back into the present moment. The goal[...]
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