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The Beginner’s Guide To Juicing (Including 5 Delicious Recipes)

by John Hawthorne It’s time for a new you, right? A healthier, fitter, more energized you. You want to be able to climb the stairs without feeling like you’re in the Olympics and tie your shoes without losing your center of gravity. You’ve got big plans. Join a gym. Stop drinking quite so much beer.[...]
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6 Steps To Developing A Healthy Habit

Healthy Habit
Whatever health-related habit you’d like to adopt, psychologist James Prochaska’s research can help. Prochaska’s father died from alcoholism, motivating him to research whether there was a way people can learn how to break bad habits and introduce new, healthier ones. Prochaska observed people who had successfully changed a habit and developed a way of understanding[...]
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How Much Fruit is Too Much of a Good Thing?

Fruit has sugar and it’s common sense that too much sugar is not good. So it’s logical to conclude that too much fruit is not good for you. In fact, some doctors suggest that fruit should be limited to 2-3 servings a day and warn that eating more than that can raise triglycerides and cause[...]
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3 Top Reasons To Give Quinoa a Try

It’s pronounced KEEN-wah and this tiny seed offers a great alternative to rice, bulgur, barley and couscous. It’s long been a staple food in South America, especially in Bolivia, Peru and Chile. In more recent years, quinoa has become popular in the US and in the UK as an alternative to grains. Here are three[...]
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Super Healthy Soup Options

Healthy Soup
In some restaurants in my local area, soup isn’t available during the summer months. I understand why soup is especially good on winter days, but I never understood why restaurants don’t serve soup in the summer. After all, it’s not like we stop eating hot meals or drinking coffee and tea. So even though it’s[...]
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Little Changes Lead to Big Change

Little Changes
When thinking about making a change to improve one’s health, lots of people think the way to do it is to make elaborate preparations. If it’s a change in diet, people might buy and read a few books. Choose a new way of eating. Clean out their kitchen cabinets of foods that are not on[...]
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Potatoes As Health Food

It’s hard to imagine a more basic food than the humble potato. In the United States, potatoes are the number one vegetable crop. In the world, potato consumption is in the top four, along with rice, wheat and corn. Plenty of people who are concerned about their weight assume that they can’t eat potatoes because[...]
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A Healthy Food You Probably Never Heard Of

Healthy Food
Aquafaba. It means bean water. In a nutshell, it’s the liquid from a can of cooked beans that you probably throw away.  Or, if you cook beans for a few hours, aquafaba is the water in which the beans were cooked. Generally speaking, three tablespoons of aquafaba are equivalent to one egg. To get the right[...]
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The Best Food Sources for Calcium

Food Sources for Calcium
Which foods are the best sources of dietary calcium? The answer might surprise you. Most people consider dairy foods, primarily based on cow’s milk, to be their best choice for meeting their need for dietary calcium. And it’s true that milk from cows, and products made with milk from cows, are good sources of calcium.[...]
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Overcoming Binge Eating

Overcoming Binge Eating
Binge eating is a behavior marked by eating large quantities of food, often poor quality food. Binge eating commonly takes place in secret because binge eaters are usually embarrassed and afraid of being judged. Binge eaters report a feeling of being out of control while they are in the midst of a binge. The eating[...]
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