Exercises For My Gastric Balloon: Part 3 – Yoga

Exercise for my Gastric Balloon- Part 3 - Yoga

Reading Time: 4 minutes In Part 2 of our series Exercises For My Gastric Balloon, we started to discuss more moderately intense workouts such as strength training. Over the last month, we hope you’ve enjoyed the addition of strength training to your daily or weekly exercise routine. With you entering the third month of your Spatz3 weight loss balloon […]

What Are The Best Breakfast Foods For My Weight Loss Balloon?

Best Breakfast Recipes for Gastric Balloon

Reading Time: 4 minutes We’ve all heard the saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Eating a healthy breakfast can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to losing weight. According to the Mayo Clinic, breakfast can help reduce your hunger throughout the day, it can lead you to make healthy choices throughout your day and even […]

Reaching My Weight Loss Goals With My Gastric Balloon

Weight Loss Goals with my Gastric Balloon

Reading Time: 4 minutes Reaching your goals, whatever they may be, can be a truly daunting task. Oftentimes, we give up on our goals because they just seem too difficult to accomplish. When it comes to weight loss, meeting your goals is incredibly challenging because you might not often see results right away. In fact, recent studies have shown […]

Spatz Book Review: How Not To Die and the Plant-Based Diet

How Not To Die

Reading Time: 4 minutes At Spatz Medical, we are constantly focused on providing our patients with the most up-to-date initiatives to help them lose weight. In recent years, there has been a massive debate over the idea of veganism and the plant-based diet. We feel that it is important to share all sides of the story with our patients, […]