After Up- adjustment

After Up- adjustment
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After your up-adjustment we recommend: 

  • Be in touch with your doctor and clinic: Please be in contact with your doctor/clinic whenever you have a question or are in need of support. Any new onset of symptoms must be reviewed with your doctor.
  • Balloon Effect Rejuvenation: You may be wondering; will I have a Phase 1 and Phase 2 effect after up adjustment? The answer is, not necessarily. One third of patients will have symptoms (like: nausea, vomiting, acid reflux etc.) but two thirds do not have symptoms. Rather, two thirds of patients will not have the same feelings that they had at the initial balloon implantation. That is nothing to worry about. The stomach may be less in shock then it was initially. The post-adjustment period may skip phase 1 and go right to Phase 2. It basically rejuvenates the balloon effect – where you learn to eat less. As we have explained in previous discussions, you receive signals if you eat too much.
  • Use it as a Behavior Modification Tool: As you have experienced, at first, the balloon did all the work for you in Phase 1. While in Phase 2, you were in control of what and how often you ate. After an up adjustment, your balloon gets bigger and takes up more space in the stomach. Some feel it more than others. Without an up adjustment, some patients begin to regain weight – for them the larger balloon will help prevent weight regain. For others, the larger balloon will help them lose more weight in the same way it helped in the earlier months of the treatment – with signals and alerts when the stomach starts to fill up.  Remember, a larger balloon usually does not stop you from eating – it helps you with signals. This will help you achieve an additional boost to your weight loss and help prevent weight regain. 
  • Now is the time to advance your behavior modification: Don’t wait for signals. Now is the time to start anticipating signals – in other words, you look back on the previous days and know that you didn’t eat properly even before you get the signals. When you can do this, you begin to achieve what those with healthy lifestyles have achieved – they take responsibility for their food intake and are aware when they did not eat correctly, and make the correction. That is your ultimate goal, which will make a lasting change towards your goal of a healthier life. 
  • Get a good night’s sleep: It is best to rest up after you have had an up adjustment. Your body will need to adjust to the larger balloon so get some well-deserved rest.
  • Lean on family and friends for support: Use the support of your friends and family, especially during the first few day’s post balloon procedure. You may need to arrange help for child-care for 4-5 days, as you will be feeling weak and may have a difficult time handling kids.

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