The Gastric Balloon: A Tool to Help Achieve Weight Loss

the gastric balloon

Reading Time: 2 minutes The psychological benefits of weight loss are easy to understand. Most people experience increased confidence, greater ease in social situations and an overall enhanced feeling of attractiveness after weight loss. In important ways, the health benefits of weight loss are even more critical than the cosmetic benefits. Losing weight can improve, and in many cases […]

Three Easy Ways to Add Fruits and Veggies to Your Diet

Fruits and Veggies

Reading Time: 2 minutes Easy Ways to Add Fruits and Veggies : Use a blender. – Even if you don’t like to eat whole fruits, a blender can help you make fruit smoothies from any combination of fruits. Blending chunks of frozen fruit will yield an icy fruit smoothie that’s like a very, very healthy Slurpee. Just add enough […]

A Gastric Balloon Companion Guide to Health and Wellness Inspiration

weight loss balloon

Reading Time: 2 minutes While you’re doing your homework about the gastric balloon procedure, and certainly once you’ve made the decision to have a gastric balloon implanted to help you lose weight and improve your overall health, there’s plenty of support available to help you succeed. Important support will come directly from your medical team. In addition, the Internet […]

Vegetarian versus Vegan


Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s a lot of talk about plant-based diets as a way to aid weight loss while reducing or eliminating the diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer and heart disease, that plague those populations that eat a meat-heavy diet. If you’re thinking of restricting or eliminating the amount of animal-based foods in […]