Grass-Fed, Organic or Factory Raised Beef?


Reading Time: 2 minutes When people wake up to the horrors of factory raised beef, some decide to give up meat entirely. Others, looking for more humane sources of meat, consider grass fed or organic options. At the same time, improving the quality of one’s food intake is often a part of the picture when people look for ways […]

What’s Behind Food Cravings?

Food Cravings

Reading Time: 2 minutes You’d know a food craving if you ever had one. It’s an intense desire to eat a specific food, or a specific kind of food, like something sweet or something salty. A food craving is unlike normal hunger and may be something that is felt even in the absence of normal hunger. There are many […]

Eating Starch

Eating Starch

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nutritional advice is sometimes as trendy and as changeable as fashion. Certain foods are considered unhealthy and to be avoided and other foods are the secret to vibrant good health and weight management. The next year, the opposite seems true. So when heavily meat-based, protein driven diets such as Atkins and Paleo reign supreme as […]

Make Any Salad Even Healthier


Reading Time: 2 minutes The best salad is the one you’ll actually enjoy and eat. So if you’re tired of wilted greens and need to perk up your lunch or dinner salad, here are some ideas. Look for dressings that are citrus or vinegar-based. If a dressing is called Creamy anything, it almost aways means that there’s plenty of […]